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Styled Table

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Created to intensify and heighten the euphoric experience of eating, our Table Decor collection features innovatively designed tableware such as napkin rings, salt and pepper dishes, and butter dishes.

Blending beauty and tradition, the respected ritual of dining at the table is elevated and refined with our Table Accessories. Pairing perfectly with a delicious meal, each item is designed to complement and blend with the exquisiteness of eating. A mouthful of freshly baked bread accompanies the ergonomic knife with which the butter was spread; the last delectable mouthful blends seamlessly with the removing of the napkin from its ring. Because of this, we believe that every taste should be supplemented by beautiful tableware.

Including decorative tableware that heightens the joy of the meal, our collection includes all you need to elevate your experience at the table, including napkin rings and salt and pepper dishes.

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