Expresso Spoon

Espresso Spoon

Petal Collection

Fragile, and yet universally consistent, the everlasting grace of a petal inspires the gentle tranquility and lightness of each piece in our Petal collection.

Soft and delicate, the daintiness of a petal is consistent throughout nature. Whether it is drifting peacefully in the wind after a flower’s life ends, or blooming to meet the light in the summer sunshine, it retains a delicate charm that is incomparable to all else.

With this daintiness in mind, our Petal collection echoes the lightness and universality that is

found in the everlasting grace of a petal. Including tea and coffee spoons, a butter knife, and a napkin ring, petals find their place naturally amongst our tableware, with an organic flow creating perfect balance upon each piece.

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