Pic Olives

Pic Olives

A shared moment

Including aperitif picks, skewer picks, condiment dishes, and spoons, our aperitif collection is designed to cherish precious moments of conviviality by adding beauty to the setting.

Designed for the convivial atmosphere, the aperitif is best when shared. Rillettes, butter, olives, nuts – each can be shared with a smile, a kind word, a sense of belonging to this moment, and enjoying this moment as it is.

Designed to cherish every minute we have with loved ones, our Aperitif collection is complete with aperitif picks, cold skewer picks, condiment dishes, and a spoon. Making each evening one to remember, every item in the collection is designed to capture the wild, natural charm of the organic world, transforming simple tableware into statement pieces that complement the table and leave beauty in their wake.

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